Add Value to Your Home by Building a Patio Or Sunroom

Patio is basically a Spanish term, which literally means it’s a paved area outside a building or house. Typically, a patio is an open outdoor area either surrounded by bricks or other such materials or is part of the yard next to a house. A patio is different from a backyard in that it does not need to be enclosed by walls. Many people use patios for relaxation and enjoyment but they can also be used for dining, parties and outdoor entertaining.


Wood decks are the most popular type of patio. These are generally placed outside because they give you more flexibility as far as placement and design. They are great for entertaining because you can decorate them however you want. When creating a wood deck, make sure that you choose durable materials that will weather well outside and indoors.


Rubber pavers are another type of material used on patios and this is where most people get their start. These are popular for both residential and commercial patios. The nice thing about rubber pavers is that they are very affordable and easy to install. In addition to being cost effective, they’re also a lot of fun to browse around in and they can really lend a unique flair to any home.


A courtyard is any open outdoor area that borders a yard, driveway, or a garden. Most of your patios will be in the courtyard because it allows you to define an outdoor space even if you don’t have a paved outdoor space. Having a patio in the courtyard gives you the opportunity to use it as a bar or a place to host events. Many homeowners enjoy using their patios as an entryway to their garden because it allows them to have a comfortable entrance. The benefit of having a patio in the courtyard is that you don’t need to have a concrete floor so you can enjoy your garden more because there is no moisture absorption like with concrete.


If you want your patios to look more formal and sophisticated, then you can opt to have them done with real stone or bricks. It’s up to you to choose what look you want. In terms of maintenance, it’s the same as with regular pavers because you just have to sweep and mop up everyday. It’s important to note though that the regular maintenance includes sealing the surfaces so that there will be no water damage and stains can be prevented.


A sunroom or porch is an attached part of the house usually attached to the house on the back or side. Sunrooms are becoming more common because of the increase in residential built-in sunrooms, but a sunroom can be built independent from the house. There are a number of ways to build a sunroom such as building a simple enclosed structure with fabric draped across the frame, or creating an attached gazebo. There are also portable versions that can be easily moved indoors during bad weather.

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